Welcome to the Psychology Research Participation website. Here you can find out about how you can participate in studies run by the Psychology Department of the University of Otago. By creating an account you can browse available studies and sign up to any you would like to participate in.

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Just answer a few simple questions and you are all ready to search for studies that you are interested in participating in. Once you have done this you can optionally fill out some demographic questions so that we can more efficiently display the studies that are suitable for you.

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Once you have found an study, pick a time slot that best suits you and sign up for the study. Some studies are restricted to certain demographic groups, but be patient and there will be one perfect for you.

Get Rewarded!

Along with the knowledge that you are helping the Psychology Department learn more about human thought and behaviour, you will also be rewarded for your effort through reimbursement for your travel expenses. Reimbursement comes in the form of cash or vouchers (for petrol, groceries, etc.). When you look through the studies on the website you can see what each study is offering.